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Smart repairs

If you have minor bodywork damage such as stone chips, scuffs, scratches or lacquer peel in an inconspicuous area of your car, van or motorbike and want them fixed for a low price then having a smart repair done to fix small chips, scuffs or minor dents is a low cost solution and something that we specialise in. Typical smart repairs we do include trolley dings, car park scuffs and dents that everyone picks up from time to time

Smart repairs can be completely unnoticeable to the naked eye and even though they are low cost can significantly increase the value of your vehicle and give it a new lease of life for a fraction of the cost of repairing whole panels.

At VSSE we will only fix what needs to be fixed. If all it takes is a smart repair then this is what we will recommend.

Please call VSSE Hastings today on 01424 438004 if you require any smart repairs done to your vehicle. Alternatively you can also send us a message on our contact page here.