silver-alloysAlloy repair & Refurbishment

Wheels are the things that will make your car look at its very best and if they are scratched, scuffed or curbed or have been subject to years of weather exposure and general ageing then they can really bring down the aesthetic appeal and value of your car.

Alloy repair and refurbishment is one of our most popular services. We don’t cut corners when we refurbish your wheels even though our prices start from only £35+Vat per wheel. You can expect showroom grade quality alloy repairs and refurbishments that will make your car look like new again.

All wheels that are repaired and refurbished through us all go through the following process and receive all the high quality materials to get them turning heads again.

  • All wheels are sandblasted to get all the old alloy paint off
  • High quality fillers are used to repair kerb damage and fill deep scratches and scuffs
  • All wheel repairs are fully inspected prior to spraying and any imperfections are fixed
  • The wheels are sprayed with professional alloy paint or if required any colour you choose.
  • The wheels are then baked at a high temperature to ensure a perfect and smooth finish
  • A UV top coat is applied to protect the paint from all types of weather conditions
  • We then fit the tyres back on including valves and balancing.

All work is guaranteed and we hope you join the thousands of happy customers we have helped over the years when it comes to alloy wheel refurbishment and repair.

Please get in touch to book your alloy repair in with us today by calling 01424 438004. Alternatively you can also send us a message on our contact page here.